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Hello {xin chào} Vietnam!

We made it! 20-ish hours, a few tears, and too many pieces of luggage to handle later, we arrived at Tân Sơn Nhất International Airport just after midnight [Friday?] had been a challenge all week to gauge time passing, and this trip [plus a jump 14 hours ahead] has only exacerbated this. All in all, it was pretty uneventful, and we were grateful for that. Elijah blessed us with a few long naps along the journey, and while I was excited to spend that time catching up on movies [I could write so much more about the "new-mom-haven't-seen-a-movie-in-ages" syndrome I've acquired], I found myself getting distracted often by day dreaming of the adventures that lie before us. What would our arrival bring? What would our first meals be? How am I going to navigate the craziness of the next few days? There were reflective moments with melancholy notes, and a little bit of panic mixed in...but, the eager anticipation of this new world surely outweighed the anxiety.

Arrivals hall at SGN

Our arrival in Saigon was quite simply perfect. The airport terminal seemed like a ghost town due to the late hour of the night, and it was [nearly] a breeze to get through the standard international arrival hoopla. While tired, I was overcome with joy as we all got new stamps in our passports, and managed to snap a quick photo of Elijah [not looking quite as excited] with all of our bags after customs. As we exited the airport and walked outside, it went from quiet to chaotic with the noisy chatter of excited crowds of family/friends waiting to pick-up their loved ones. It was a beautiful balance of a foreign language I don't yet understand coupled with hugs and smiles [internationally recognized] - and, of course we had a friendly face waiting to pick us up too [our new driver, Tuan].

We are home!

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