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I've died and gone to dumpling heaven!

I love dim sum! I don't know even what else to say, except that my bucket list is getting a lot of attention these days. Let me back up for a moment...throughout the Silicon Valley boom, my dad did a lot of traveling throughout Asia. Hong Kong was a frequent stop of his for business and pleasure. I own a beautiful string of pearls from which he handpicked each one on such a visit. And, dim sum dates with him have been part of my coming of age - from Chinatown eats in Honolulu, Hawaii and all over the West Coast of the contiguous United States - there's a nostalgia about sharing this meal with loved ones that can't be beat! Naturally, dim sum {and noodles} in Hong Kong has been on my bucket list since my teenage years. Alas, my travels have taken me to YUM CHA in Hong Kong's Central district.

YUM CHA touts itself as "a playful twist on traditional Chinese cuisine!" From its cute dim sum to the time-honored tradition of drinking tea, this stop did not disappoint!

YUM CHA - CENTRAL 2/F, Nan Fung Place, 173 Des Voeux Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

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