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Back of the Bike Tours

We have friends in town, and of course we were thrilled to take another motorbike foodie adventure! This time, we rode pillion with the crew of Back of the Bike Tours for their Ho Chi Minh City Street Food Tasting Tour. As is typical of Vietnamese street food vendors, each stop specialized in a very specific dish or two - and these Saigon street eats did not disappoint!

We feasted on full portions of some delicious Vietnamese dishes until we were stuffed. Here's just a sample of the food we tasted:

  • Gỏi đu đủ thịt bò - a green papaya salad topped with Thai basil, dried beef liver, toasted peanuts and prawn crackers

  • Thịt heo nướng - grilled pork skewers, with roasted chili sauce

  • Bánh canh ghẹ - crab soup with tapioca noodles, pork rinds, and fried fish cake, served with green chili sauce

  • Balut - boiled duck embryo eaten straight from the shell

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