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Dude cuts and pedicures

$1.34 haircuts are the best! One of the perks of visiting a small local shop in Vietnam is that my two dudes get super cheap haircuts. Even with a tip, they are both out the door for under five bucks! We go to a wonderful lady who owns a salon walking distance from our apartment. I don't know her name. We always just walk-in. Her English is very limited. But, she cuts hair fast (a plus when trying to get a 3-year-old to stop wiggling) and does a great job. Did I mention how cheap it is?

Dude cut!

When we took Elijah for his first haircut in Portland, OR a month before moving here, I think we walked out the door for $20. Sure, he got to sit in a cute little fire engine salon chair designed for kids...and they gave him Cheerios or something in a little Dixie Cup to keep him busy while watching a Disney movie - but twenty dollars?! Now, I pack a lollipop and sometimes play a YouTube video on my phone while we wait out the haircut wiggles...oh, and it's all over in less than 10 minutes.

You know what else I can get for under twenty bucks? A pedicure...and a manicure. It's actually under $15 and includes the deluxe version with a foot soak & scrub, impeccable grooming of my cuticles, and a wonderful massage. Again with the cheap perks of living in SE Asia. I'm going to have some serious sticker shock when we repatriate!

Pedicure in Saigon

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