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Grocery shopping?

Metro Cash & Carry was described to me as the Costco of Vietnam. Um, no. That's about all I can say.

It's maybe my least favorite place to shop mostly because of the strong seafood-meets-durian-and-jackfruit aroma wafting throughout the store, but also because rules don't apply. Despite obvious checkout lines, as per SE Asian norm many local people ignore the queue and quite literally put their stuff in front of yours on the belt. There is also zero personal watch your heels because you're bound to have a cart ramming your feet. Nearly anytime of day half of the aisles will be blocked off by pallets of goods or forklift operators with no regard for shoppers. It's a shop-at-your-own risk kind of place!

While many of of these complaints are shared with my expat tribe here, I do still find Metro one of the most interesting places and frequently take our visiting friends and family along for the ride! Here's some of the fun finds amongst the milk, eggs, and toilet paper!

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